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About Us

East London Rugby League is supported by Hard Rock Cafe, the Rugby Football League, Mayor of London and Sport England. The project is dedicated with primarily increasing regular Rugby League activity for 12 – 25 year olds in the borough’s of Newham, Hackney, Greenwich and Barking & Dagenham. Secondarily the project is dedicated with increasing Rugby League activity throughout the whole of East London for participants aged 11 and under in mini’s Rugby League to over 35’s in Masters Rugby League.

The eyes of the world will be upon East London in 2012 as we approach the games of the 30th Olympiad. While Rugby League is not an Olympic sport, it is one of the world’s most played team sports with a huge following in England as well as in Australia, France and New Zealand (current World Champions), with a growing force of nations below them including nations of the Pacific Islands, Europe, the Americas and Middle East. With this huge following, the project gained financial support not just from title sponsor Hard Rock Cafe, but also the Mayor of London office, Sport England and the Rugby Football League.

Rugby League is a great team sport played by children and adults, males and females in many different formats from full contact Rugby League to Touch Rugby. Whether you are interested in playing, volunteering or supporting Rugby League, there are opportunities for you. To learn more about Rugby League in East London, please use the search bar on our home page. If you need any further support please contact Rob Powell on


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